"Dorogoye udovolstvie" magazine. № 3 2011
11.12.11. Beauty contest Ms. ATMOSPHERE
SEASON OF BEAUTY magazine №3 2011
04.02.11.Belle D'Opium (Ives Saint Laurant) presentation
Autumn 2011. Elizabeth Shlikhta, Lyubov Orlova become the faces of the fashion project DEVORE
SEASON OF BEAUTY Magazine №2 2011
12.12.11. Shooting for catalogue "I am bride" cover
July 2011. Karina Shkanova becomes the face of IKKS collection From Russia With Love
30.03.11. FINE Magazine presentation
September 2011. Sasha Rogova necomes the face of DetiZim collection
30.04.11. PR-action devoted to 3-rd ALL-OVER-RUSSIA CHARITY FESTIVAL OF BEAUTY "LADY With the DOGGIE" within the DogShow in Ledovy Palace
09.07.11. New GIVENCHY parfume presentation at club CIRCUS
Magazine "Petersburg wedding" (№1 2011)
15.09.11. Defile at the Night of Luxury sales in Atlantic City
July 2011. VIVA ITALIA - photoproject of designer Janna Paj , photographer Anna Sprojetskaya ans Susanna Models
January 2011. Marina Korobulina becomes the face of Petersburg brand GADJELLO
"FINE MAGAZINE" cover. September 2011
DISCOUNT CARD magazine. May 2011
July 2011. FEEL YOURSELF RUSSIAN. Collection by Elena Romanova - image shooting
14.02.11. MATRIX show at festival Nevskie berega
09.10.13. Exhibition "Behind the curtains of Defile-on-neva" by Geometria.ru's eyes
Anastasia B. becomes the face of Elena Romanova Fashion House. Spring-summer 2011.
April 2011. Dmitry Klimenko becomes the face of ZENIT brand
February 2011. Darina Alekseeva becomes the face of wedding studio Millanas
22.09.11. FINE Magazine #3 presentation - RETRO-PARTY
INTERSTYLE boutique defile
May 2011. Vova Yakovets becomes the face of FOSP brand (kids collection)
14.03.14. Ralph Lauren presentation in Korinthia Hotel
November 2011. Kristina Nikolaeva becomes the face of ESKIMO
Anna Oris becomes the face of ESTETIC CLUB
July 2011. Anna Mikhailova and Elizabeth Shlikhta become the faces of Elena Romanova's catalogue
"FINE MAGAZINE" cover. March 2011
30.11.11. Defile of Fashion House KUSSENKOVV at FINE Magazine #4's presentation
VICHY, BioTherm, Lancome presentations
July 2011. Egor Petrenko becomes the face of ARSHAVIN brand (BTC company)
12.02.11. FINE Magazine cover'shooting.
30.11.11. Shooting for DOLORES magazine
26.06. Kids clothes defile at City Day celebration at Tsarskoye Selo
August 2011. Natalia Trunilova and Anastasia Sabbat become the faces of fairy SHUBA-SHAPKA
17.04.11. Paul Nuclear's exposition "LOVE PLANET" opening at Fever-bar
04.12.11. Slava Zaitsev meeting
Magazine "Petersburg wedding" №2 2011
DRIVE magazine cover. September 2011