02.03.10. UOMO Collezioni defile at Golf-club party
26.04.10. Shooting for "Petersburg Wedding" magazine
10.12.10. Elena Romanova' collection shooting
16.01.10. Photographer Anton Miller's exhibition "12 months"
25.06.10. Opening of gallery of furs - New History by Igor Gulyaev
06.06.10. Photo-tests for Elena Shipilova
05.03.10.Janna Page collection "Ivan Cupala" defile at festival GOLDEN AGE
30.09.10. Michal Negrin's visit to Saint-Petersburg
Апрель 2010. Shootings for portal inred.ru
11.12.10. BeautyContest TOP-MODEL-2010
24.01.10. Show display from Roman Trubin "Fashionable Sunday"
28.08.10. Fashion-transit Party at STOLITSA club
15.12.10. FINE Magazine presentaion
03.03.10. International exhibition Fashion-industry
Magazine "Petersburg wedding" (№3 2010)
27-28.04.10. Shooting for STO magazine
December 2010. Calendar of a network of tunnel car washes of new generation BLITZ-tonnel - 2011
13.02.10. 13.02.10. Defile Michal Negrin at festival "Love bridges"
21.09.10. Beauty Contest "You are unique"
13.12.10. Shooting for the magazine PETERSBURG WEDDING
Petersburg wedding magazine's cover (№3 2010)
07.05.10. Janna Nesterova collection's shooting
December 2010. Corporative Calendar LENVENDO - 2011
13.02.10. ACCESSORIES DAY. Spring presentiment
08.10.13. Backstage Defile Na Neve at restaurant VESNA
Defile-na-Nevt. Vladislav Aksenov. Autumn 2010
02.03.10. UOMO Collezioni defile at BMW 5 serie presentation
June 2010. Darina Alekseeva becomes the face of Petersburg brand GADJELLO
Petersburg wedding magazine's cover (№2 2010)
FINE MAGAZINE cover. December 2010
14.02.2010. Petersburg Wedding Biennale opening
10.11.10. Beauty Contest Miss Parole
March 2010. ARGOexclusive catalogue shoot
07.09.10.Shooting for brand KAWAICAT
Magazine PETERSBURG WEDDING (№2 2010 г.)
15.03.10. FINE Magazine cover'shooting.
27-28.02.2010. FASHION-TOUR with Anna Mikhailova
13.10.10. 16 Successful People Award
March 2010 г. Magazine TAJIK AIRLINES
04.07.10.FASHION-heat (shooting and exhibition)
15.05.10. VENICE due NORD (Spring Ball of Brands)
04.06.10. Pit-jakoff catalogue shoot
Magazine PETERSBURG WEDDING (№1 2010 г.)
DISCOUNT CARD magazine. October 2010.
15.04.10. Maria Fedorova's collection shoot
Magazine CTO. July 2010.
Miss Billiard (llb)
23.04.10. Michal Negrin defile at Anton Miller's exibition
07.02.2010. Shooting for the magazine To Be In
AURORA fashion-week - Autumn 2010
08.04.10. Shooting for magazine "Petersburg wedding"
December 2010. Anastasia B. becomes the face of Elena Romanova Fashion House
14.06.10. Fashion shooting for online magazine FOTYMODY
18.04.10. RETRO shooting for sobaka.ru magazine
Petersburg wedding magazine's cover (№1 2010)
October 2010. Valeria Rudakova becomes the face of LINZACITY net
14.04.10. GRACE AWARD Saint-Petersburg 2010
10.12.10. Defile of INTERSTYLe and NVersio at LANGUST restaraunt
28.05.10. Paul Nuclear's exposition "RICH TOWN" opening at Golden Horde
16.11.10. Shooting SPASSO
Catalogue "I am bride" cover (№1 2010)
September 2010. Elizabeth Shlikhta becomes the face of DEVORE
22-24.04.10. Exhibition "Petersburg wedding Salon 2010", Lenexpo
10.12.13. Elena Romanova's pret-a-porte collection presentation
24.06.10. Exclusive fashion-party of accessories by TG Fashion House
11.11.10. Stockmann opening