15.05.09. BLACK & WHITE party at GLOSS-cafe
19.12.09. Michal Negrin collection at LenExpo
02.07.09. UOMO Collezioni defile at SOKOS hotel
07.07.09. Kawaiсat-male catalogue shooting
25.03.09. Shooting for catalogue of brand RENOK
12.09.09. Shooting for Elena Romanova's catalogue - wedding dress by Elena Romanova
07.05.09. Shooting for boutique JOOP! by project fgallery.ru
07.07.09. Съемка для Garcia и VSTC
02.07.09. UOMO Collezioni defile at SOKOS hotel
14.08.09. Photo-project The Night in Giza
07.05.09. Designer Natalya Knyazeva's catalogue shooting
31.10.09. 10th Open VIP-billiard tour among bank leaders at ALIBI club
06.06.09. Defile at "MAESTRO" restaurant.
18.07.09. Kawaiсat catalogue shooting
06.07.09. Designer Irina Bunina's catalogue shooting
21.03.09. Presentation of Exclusive corsets "Cabaret" collection by Elena Romanova
19.06.09. Shooting at Trade Complex INTERIO's interiors
03.06.09. Shooting for boutique BOUTIQUE №5 by project fgallery.ru
17.10.09. Shooting for DOLORES magazine
13.08.09. Shooting "Heroin chick"
21.03.09. Shooting KABARET-look
04.10.09. Shooting for optics shop EUROPE
04.06.09. Shooting for boutique VEROMODA AND JACK&JONES
24-25.10.09. Princess Anna catalogue shooting
23.10.09. Оpening of PALMETTA shop at TC Sennaya
15.03.09. The PR-action devoted to 1-st ALL-RUSSIA BEAUTY CONTEST "LADY With a DOGGIE"
07.11.09. Paul Nuclear's exposition "ENERGY" opening at Warshavsky Express
27.05.09. Shooting for show-room ICutWood
21.11.09. Shooting for business centers SENATOR
30.05.09. Shooting for Super Web internet-provider
19.04.09. PR-action for the beauty parade "LADY With the DOGGIE" within the DogShow in Ledovy Palace
08.11.09. Shooting Rock-n-roll divas
26.05.09. Shooting for DUET GROUP banner
23.11.09. Shooting Twin-lookers
17.09.09. Тest-shooting for DOMINANT magazine's web-site
24.04.09. Eliminate Fear of Absents Dream Show in MANILOV-cafe
14.11.09. New MESSAGE opening at Nevsky Ave. 92
08-11.12.09. BAROCCO shooting for Petersburg Wedding magazine (№4 2009 г.)
15.12.09. Shootinng for SUSANNA MODELS calender
18.09.09. Shooting for Elena Romanova's catalogue - Gothic clothes
03.05.09. Defile of Elena Romanova at Grand Hotel Emerald
27.11.09. UOMO Collezioni defile at TOLSTOY SQUARE
02.05.09. Shooting for the magazine PETERSBURG WEDDING (№3 2009)
17.12.09. Shooting for catalogue "I am Bride"
15.11.09. Elena Romanova's catalogue
10.05.09. Defile for Elena Romanova's corset collections at Nebar
25-26.09.09. Shooting for COOL CUT MAGAZINE
08.08.09. LOVE STORY shooting by studio GLOSS
02.12.09. Elena Romanova's presentation
16.09.09. Открытие VIP-турнира по бильярду в клубе АЛИБИ
19.04.09. Shooting at Trade Complex INTERIO's interiors
October-November 2009. Autosalon Volkswagen north-west calender shooting
08.09.09. 1st Professional Photo-party at Daikiri-bar
02.12.09. Uomo Collezioni defile ar FERMA restaurant
03.11.09. Shooting for shops MANSTYLE banners